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Turkey Cooking and Culinary Vacations

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Turkey Cooking Schools, Culinary Vacations, Turkey Culinary Travel

Caravan Turkey

Cooking Vacations and much more!

Learn to cook . . . & make a kilim!
Caravan Turkey Tours

Turkish food is delicious, and meals include fresh, organic vegetables or salads, soups, fruit, meats, fish, breads and sweets.

Use seasonal ingredients to create a variety of healthy traditional dishes. Al fresco barbeques are very popular and suit the Turkish love of feasting outdoors. Visit village weddings and see how the villagers cook the huge numbers of dishes. A feast for the guests!

Learn authentic Turkish cuisine from an accomplished local cook, with all lessons translated in English in a friendly, welcoming, and creative atmosphere.


Experience a wood fired oven!
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Taste Turkey with Engin Akin

Turkish cuisine is the last great frontier of Mediterranean cooking that offers a beguiling blend of the Ottoman palace kitchen's sophisticated traditions and the robust, hearty flavours of the country's nomadic past. Explore Turkish cuisine with Engin Akin at her new cooking school in the Turkish countryside. 3 day programs provide hands-on classess with the high priestess of Turkish cuisine. A cookbook author, radio & TV personality, who has received praise from Food & Wine magazine, Engin Akin is a world-renowned authority of Turkish gastronomy.

Elegant Istanbul dining
with Turkish Flavours culinary vacations

Culinary information and recipes on mezes from the Culinary Institute of America, featuring a great video presentation.

Istanbul Vacation Rentals


1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom Vacation Rentals in Historic Istanbul!

Istanbul!Place holiday lets offers apartment vacation rentals with elegance and character in the historical district of Beyoglu: the heart of Istanbul. Enjoy a home from home that is comfortable and stylish, with furnishings that are a mix of very modern and antique, attention to detail and a touch of luxury.

The apartment rentals are perfect for visitors who wish to have an authentic experience of Istanbul, based at the centre of contemporary cultural life.

Check here for online availability and reservations.

Turkish Flavours: Cooking & Culinary Vacations

Hands on cooking instruction
Turkish Flavours

Turkish Flavours promotes all that is extraordinary not only about the Turkish Table, but also about the Turkish way of life, "l'Art de Vivre" in Turkey. Those of us who live in Turkey  are privileged to enjoy beautiful weather, diverse cultures and a vast variety of good food and wine. Our experts will discuss your needs and interests to create an itinerary which accurately reflects your vision.
Turkish Flavours has connections to a wonderful network of fascinating people in Turkey who can open new worlds for you to unimaginable dimension with warm hospitality, humor and unparalleled knowledge. We can organize holidays for people who love food throughour Turkey.
A vacation hosted  by Turkish Flavours will convey the sense of expansive hospitality that is innate among Turks everywhere at home and in restaurants, from typical fish restaurants to haute Turkish cuisine dining establishments. Turkish cooking classes are held at Turkish homes where a convivial lunch from dishes prepared during the lesson will be served with Turkish wine.
Courses are an intensive and full immersion into Turkish gastronomic culture and include the preparation of real Turkish dishes, traditional recipes and learning the basic techniques of Turkish cuisine.

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